The symbolism, blood drinking, human sacrifices and secret gestures are part of the Luciferian and satanic culture that continues to thrive in the shadows. Friday the 13th is a very big day for Luciferians. The satan worshipping depictions in Hollywood movies serve as a blueprint and guide to those who are trapped in the occult.

For Laura, who was born into such a world in the Muenster region in western Germany, it’s a bit closer to reality. She’s managed to escape the cult, but it was a long, painful process.

“My father was well respected in the sect and he started training me at a young age to do what the circle wanted,” she explained. “That I allow everything to be done with me, that I wouldn’t cry or scream or respond to the pain, and that I would not say anything to anyone outside the group. We were supposed to do what the higher power wanted.”

Luciferians and satanists have a mystical belief that success in life can only be achieved by engaging in certain rituals and sacrificial ceremonies that glorify Lucifer. The name Lucifer was actually given to satan before he became an unemployed cherub. Even though he is not omnipresent like God, he has his generals who do his bidding for him. These are referred to as demons. Demons are regional spirits that are capable of possessing people only after they are given permission, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Demonic spirits get entry into humans in different ways. One of the ways people unknowingly give these spirits permission is by playing with Ouija boards or Tarrot cards. Another way is by having palm readings or psychic visits. These spirits can also enter by the type of movies of music one listens to. There are times when we’ve heard of people getting arrested for murder, and they say that they were inspired by a certain song, or watching a certain movie scene, thereafter these people went on a crime spree. The voice you listen to the most will have the dominant effect upon you. Examples:

* Robert John Bardo claims he was fueled by the song “Exit” by U2, when he
decided to murder Rebecca Schaeffer.

* The parents of Ray Belknap and James Vance sued over “backwards
messages” of Judas Priest, “Better By You, Better Than Me” – that
supposedly urged the suicide (Belknap) and suicide attempt (Vance).

* Charles Manson claims he was inspired by the Beatles song “Hetler Skelter”
in which he and the Family were involved in the Tate-LaBianca murders.

* Daniel Gill, 14, and Robert Fuller, 15, from North Yorkshire, were found
guilty on October 22, 1999 of the attempted murder of Ashley Murray.
They claim they were inspired by the movie “Scream”. They stabbed Murray
eighteen times and left him to die, but a day and a half later a man walking
his dog found him, and he recovered.

Several philosophers and writers like Voltaire, have considered it necessary for people to study Demonology in order to know the devil’s modus operandi.

For Laura, the higher power used to be Satan, and she said she was forced to accept pain, torture and rape in his name. But it also meant that she had to lead to parallel life. To the outside world, she presented herself as a normal schoolgirl; in the other, secret world, she was a servant at black masses and Satanic rituals.

“I was expected to be completely obedient to men,” she said. “When I was supposed to prostitute myself, then I was told that the higher power wanted the circle to have money.”

The money went straight into the group’s coffers, and it was the group who chose the clients. Brigitte Hahn, the sect commissioner for the Catholic Diocese of Muenster, agreed. She said 30 victims of such Satanic cults have sought help from her office. Some of the women described black masses, which also included ritualistic abortions and even murder.

“The women say they are impregnated during special ceremonies,” Hahn said. “Then there are rituals for delivering the babies and sacrificing them. The pregnancies are kept secret, the babies are born but disappear.”

It’s not just average people who practice these sorts of rituals. Some of the most powerful politicians, celebrities and business people are part of the occult. They identify each other with secret handshakes or hand gestures. Most Luciferians and satanists use mind-control techniques to manipulate their victims who in essence become mind-controlled slaves.

One of the most common techniques is one called MK Ultra that was invented by the CIA, documents of which have since been de-classified. Project MKULTRA, or MK-ULTRA, was the code name for a covert, illegal CIA human research program, run by the Office of Scientific Intelligence. This official U.S. government program began in the early 1950s, continuing at least through the late 1960s, and it used U.S. and Canadian citizens as its test subjects.

There is a lot of hypnosis and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) involved in the process of hijacking and controlling the victims’ minds. Powerful people use a lot of NLP during their speeches to put their audiences in a trance-like state where unsuspecting audience members believe everything they are told and promised. It isn’t until later on in the game that these victims develop “buyers remorse” and realize they’ve been had, but most of the time it is too late for them to be deprogrammed, so they end up living in a perpetual state of submission and accept things the way they are.

In the music industry, a lot of this symbolism is blatant and visible in the videos, as a way to pay homage to Lucifer whom some successful artists actually believe is responsible for their success. The main object of worship is presented in form of a goat named Baphoment.

The two pointed fingers represent the horns of the Baphomet the goat, whom Luciferians worship. These are Satanic induction hand signs for mind-controlled slaves. The Horned Hand, or “Cornuto”, represents the devil satan. The horned goat, goat of Mendes, Baphomet, god of the witches, the scapegoat, is the Satanists’ way of mocking Jesus the “Lamb” who died for sinners.

As you can see Baphomet is almost always presented in form of a pentagram (A star with five points.) Satanists use the pentagram that has two points up, while pagans use a pentagram with one point up. The one above is used by satanists since it has two points up. This is one of the most potent symbols used in the occult and can also be seen on clothing, jewelry and other fashionable so-called accessories.

People cannot remain silent about the phenomenon of Satanism, said religion expert Herrmann-Pfandt, who investigates what occurs such groups.

“It’s really about transcendental experiences – and blood often plays a major role,” she said. “Some people say it intensifies the experience, and it seems to put them in a state of arousal. And the cults play on that.”

Since most victims are traumatized and have mental disorders, it is hard for them to exit the occult by themselves, and often times requires an authority figure outside of the occult to intervene.






Hollywood Unmasked: A very eye opening and revealing expose about the dark side of Hollywood. Due to the fact that this is an expose, it shows some very wicked stuff that has been covertly fed to the masses. There indeed is an occult based agenda driving the entertainment industries which many have been blinded from ever even suspecting.