Project Blue Beam-Do not be deceived!



In 1994, investigative reporter Serge Monast presented to the Canadian Free Press of Quebec, Canada a report titled NASA’s Project Blue Beam.  In the report, Mr. Monast lays out a sinister plot by NASA and the Government at large to dupe the public into accepting “Signs and Wonders” as evidence of the illegitimacy of their own religious beliefs (or lack thereof), and to promote the emergence of a New Age religion… one which would be necessary to usher in a false messiah, and consequently a New World Order.

The 4 steps of project blue beam:

          1-        introducing new archeological discoveries, and artificially created earthquakes which will  „prove” that all nation’s religious

                     doctrines been misinterpreted and misunderstood.

         2-       a gigantic space-show with three-dimensional optical holograms and sounds projected all over the world of the false

                      Messiah’s    return.

         3-       The third step involves telepathic and electronically augmented two-way communication where ELF, VLF, and LF will reach

                    each person from within their own minds. This will make people believe that their own god is speaking to them in their own

                    language from the very depths of their soul.

          4-     The fourth step is the universal supernatural manifestation of the anti-Christ using electronic means. Through fiber optics

                   cable, coaxial cable, electric and telephone lines, supernatural waves/frequencies will penetrate all electronics which by then

                   will all have special microchips installed. Somehow, this is supposed to result in the materialization of satanic ghosts,

                   specters, and poltergeists all over the world in an attempt to push all populations into extreme psychological distress so that

                   they will accept the new „Messiah” and his „solutions” at any cost.

           The Bible correctly prophecized that in the last days there would come a great departure from the word of God and a massive rejection of Christ and the Bible, which would set the stage for the „strong delusion.” 2 Thes 2:11 Because mankind would reject God’s message of creation and redemption through Jesus Christ, he said he would send upon the Earth a strong delusion. The video below shows how the word „delusion” means fraudulent, lying, deceiving, and is tied to the word „planet” in the original context, as in a being from another planet – Satan and his demons deceiving the world by appearing as „alien progenitors” of the human race who come to bring us world peace and aid us in our next evolutionary leap. The Bible says, however, that they are not truly aliens, but rather demons, who come in the power of Satan to deceive man into eternal ruin.

Să ştii, dar, că Domnul Dumnezeul tău este singurul Dumnezeu. El este un Dumnezeu credincios şi Îşi ţine legământul şi

îndurarea până la al miilea neam de oameni faţă de cei ce-L iubesc şi păzesc poruncile Lui.Deuteronomi 7:9

Eu sunt Domnul, acesta este Numele Meu; şi slava Mea n-o voi da altuia, nici cinstea Mea, idolilor .Isaia 48.11;

Numele lui Isus Hristos din Nazaret, pe care voi L-aţi răstignit, dar pe care Dumnezeu L-a înviat din morţi.

El este „Piatra lepădată de voi, zidarii, care a ajuns să fie pusă în capul unghiului.

În nimeni altul nu este mântuire: căci nu este sub cer niciun alt Nume dat oamenilor în care trebuie să fim mântuiţi.”

-faptele apostolilor 4:11-12

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