Obama’s Inauguration – The Portals will Open!

Alert Warning #3 – „Obama’s Inauguration – The Portals will Open! (1-2-13) 
Read the Alert–click for full post


Several weeks ago, I released a warning about a very profound event of spiritual darkness that is coming to America on Inauguration Day – January 20, 2013. Link to article

Since then, I have come across additional information that exposes another layer to the dire events that are now approaching America. This alert is a sincere effort to warn of these things.

We have just entered the year 2013, in the coming future; America is going to experience rumblings of catastrophic proportions. The nation is going to be shaken in ways that most American citizens never imagined.

Nathan Leal on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report-click to listen

Alert Warning #3 – „Obama’s Inauguration – The Portals will Open! (1-2-13)

Read the Alert-click for full post

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