Economic-monetary metldown!!!


Special Hagmann & Hagmann Report ,  January 11, 2013 with Steve Quayle and his financial insider ”V”-someone who has been giving accurate, behind the scenes information for the last few years.

What’s going on?

Most people know that there’s financial peril in the economic world. “You don’t have to be an economist to know that,” states this insider. “But there are things people need to know, and they need to know these things right now. What’s coming, and how quickly it’s coming. It’s that important. The things that are about to take place, the things I know about, are weighing on my heart and I must share what I know with people. The information will help everyone, from the average person to someone with a lot of money, it doesn’t matter. What’s on the horizon will affect everyone, and not in a good way.”  That’s the reason this insider is going public – despite the threats to him and his family.


V’S ALERT Feb 13, 2013-

The world economies have officially gone dumpster diving. A currency race to the bottom where everyone loses and the Banksters win.

     Wow what an opening to a new year. Anyone one who has been following my posts on this site knows I have been calling for a currency war for some time now. You would also know that on my Jan 11th interview on the Hagmann and Hagmann radio show I detailed the coming chaos in Japan, its economic implosion and the push to go to war with China. Also detailed was the Feds backroom deals with the eurobanks. So where do we stand today? Well The funny thing in all of this and what I want you to follow in the next few weeks is this:

1. Japanese economic/monetary. Meltdown.

2. Eurozone will choke Germany. With the desire to better buttress the EUR/USD ratio while the world deflates the clueless eurocrats will inflate the Euro killing the the exports and the economy of the only country left standing in that socialist cessation pit; Germany. Look for a duetch mark resurgence movement to spring up faster than a 
Polka dancer at an Octoberfest. This time though it will be Germany’s industrialists that will be screaming bloody murder.

3. The time is coming with the advent of currency war…metals will go Apollo 11 because Washington we have a problem: faith in US t-bills will be deteriorate faster than ever as the illusion of paper safe havens will become nightmares, the herd mentality will kick in and you will see a mass migration to metals.

4. Get it while it is hot. Silver is still the best buy and platinum and palladium are the come back kids of 2013. As war kicks off look for these two cousins to stay strong.

5. Bank hacks: I can not emphasize how serious this is getting the time to get your majority deposits out of banks is now. The recent hacks and „site down for maintenance” is the betatest soon it will be the real thing and by then it will be too late. 

Keep an eye on these things in the next few weeks…and relisten to that hagmann broadcast with me and Steve Quayle it is as headlining today as it was back on Jan 11.


V’S ALERT Feb 13, 2013-