Spiritual attack and judgment-“Open Portals Continue – Butcher’s Offspring – USA in Crisis!”

Alert Warning #5 – „Open Portals Continue – Butcher’s OffspringRead the full  Alert

Nathan Leal – http://www.watchmanscry.com

Over the past several months, I have been warning about a spiritual invasion of dark forces that is overshadowing America.

Like an impending storm, there are very powerful evil entities that are raiding the leadership of the United States of America. The outcome will be a spiritual takeover of the American government where the minions of hell will bring malicious influence, wicked guidance and demonic spiritual possession. In effect, a spiritual coup of the USA has been in the making and unfortunately, this event is now here!

During Obama’s Inauguration for term 2.0, in the realms of the unseen, invisible spirits arrived in Washington D.C. and entered the high places. 

(In previous alerts, articles and audio messages , I have gone into details which explain how and why these things are happening.)

Now that it is underway, I must warn about the next phase of events that is soon to transpire!

Ladies and gentlemen, a new chapter of a spiritual attack and judgment has arrived in America!

Enemies Beyond the Gate

The coming attack involves spirit beings of evil who have made it their final calling to be“enemies of Yahweh and humanity!” They are demonic creatures who know that their time is short and thus, have a desire to destroy as much of civilization as possible.

Part of their focus is to destroy America by taking the nation down into a dark road of wickedness, destruction and tyranny. These measures are already underway and have been for quite some time.

But in this late hour, a new frontal attack against America has become a priority to the evil minions because as America falls, so will the world!

In order to accomplish this, the Gates of Hell have declared a final onslaught against the USA. Their plan consists of invading America from the very top through its leadership. Thus, it will be featured in Obama 2.0, as well as in state governments.

And during Obama’s watch, the USA will cease to exist as the nation we knew as children! 
Sweeping change is coming. The old laws of freedom will be deleted. The new season will silence the majority, squelch the obnoxious, and bury the deliberate!

America will be downsized. She will become a penny pincher! She will shed her extra pounds of human flesh and leave it to rot in the desert of a prison camp, abandoned and forgotten.

More Portals

As stated in my previous alert, the entities arrived in the White House on January 20, 2013. That was a very pivotal date for the country which began a new chapter for the USA.

Unfortunately, this is only the beginning because as I continue in my studies, I have found that there is a secondary chain of events that are approaching with the opening of additional portals which will bring about the arrival of additional spirit entities.

Another Portal Event!

If we were to apply the same procedure that we revealed in the previous alert, it would consist of the following formula based on 2 Kings 25:8 – (11 years, 5 months, and 7 days).If we began our calculation as we did before, starting on September 11, 2001, we would arrive with the following results:1. September 11, 2001 + 11 years = September 11, 2012.2. September 11, 2012 + 5 months = February 11, 2013
3. February 11, 2013 + 7 days = February 18, 2013

Result: The target date of the next phase for America would be February 18, 2013!  
In the USA, this date also happens to be “President’s Day!”

Summary Conclusion: Based on this calculation presented, I am proposing that as America is being judged, God is allowing agents of evil to play a role in her demise. For the players involved, the events are occurring in structured phases.

Phase 1. – January 20, 2013 – Inaugaration Day – High Noon. As Obama is sworn in, a portal is opened in the spirit realm which allows the “principalities” of Babylon to enter into the high places of America. The demonic entities Nergal and Samgar, along with other demonic officers of hell, arrive. Their agenda has begun to unfold which will change America into an infidel. (I will be speaking about their ongoing actions as God allows.)

Phase 2 – February 18, 2013 – President’s Day – Another principality enters the scene. Nebuzaradan – “The Captain of the Guard.”  This creature is a piece of work, not to be taken lightly. He is the “executioner” or “butcher” of Babylon.

According to the biblical narrative, Nebuzaradan brought destruction, death and misery to Jerusalem. As noted above, he attacked Judah in several areas and categories:

  1. The temple – He ransacked the temple
  2. The priests – Killed the priests
  3. The military leadership – Killed officers in high ranks
  4. Political leadership – Disposed of the old leadership

Now What?

What does this mean? I expect that in a similar fashion, after February 18, 2013 a new phase of bombardment will enter the scene in America. In will occur in several categories;

  1. The church – persecution will increase against Christians and the church.
  2. Spiritual leadership – attacks and vexation will occur to those in Christian leadership. Pastors and spiritual leaders are going to become fodder to the evil ones. The church is going to begin having a much harder time functioning in future America.
  3. America’s hedge of protection is being removed and will soon be gone as her walls are torn down.
  4. Captivity is coming for Americans – New chains of tyranny and oppression are being forged as you read this alert!
  5. Death and destruction! – Sorry folks but I had to include the truth. As the demise of America proceeds, her swan sang will be heard in her empty halls.

Ladies and gentlemen, I know that this report is not filled with numbing delight, but it is accurate.

On February 18, 2013, a new principality will enter the picture and walk through the open portals and onto the American landscape. His name is Nebuzaradan and he is a Butcher.
His instructions will be to do what he has always done…butcher things!

He is going to work behind the scenes to butcher the Constitution of the United States. He will also work to execute Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty!

I regret that this alert is alarming, but the remaining time to prepare is running out. The time to complete your proactive tasks is about to expire. For some, it may already be too late.

Already, there are Government State Houses that are debating new gun bans and laws. In the last few days, Missouri and Washington have joined the ranks of States who are considering new laws which will butcher the Second Amendment.

In the coming future many remnant believers will wish that they had relocated to a location more tolerant of The Constitution. Will you be among those? Are you considering these things?

I have much more to share about these matters and I will be producing a new audio which will go into further details about the next phases that are to come. If you are not a subscriber to my messages please Subscribe to be notified.

( to be continued)

God Bless You All,

Nathan Leal – Watchman’s Cry

Alert Warning #5 – „Open Portals Continue – Butcher’s Offspring Read the full Alert


Nathan Leal – http://www.watchmanscry.com

Petrus Romanus – The Final Pope is here

Petrus Romanus – The Final Pope is here. We are witnessing prophecy unfold before our very eyes as we learn that Pope Benedict XVI is stepping down.

listen here-Tom Horn & Steve Quayle-The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

by Hagmann and Hagmann Report

on Thu, February 14, 2013

listen here-Tom Horn & Steve Quayle-The Hagmann & Hagmann Report

Just as Tom Horn and Cris Putnam predicted in their 2012 book ‘Petrus Romanus,” Pope Benedict is stepping down in less than two weeks. The Cardinals of the church are preparing now and the first week of April, when the eyes of the world will focus on the chimney of the Sistine Chapel to watch for the smoke that will declare the arrival of Petrus Romanus, the final pope.


listen here-Tom Horn & Steve Quayle-The Hagmann & Hagmann Report