Olympic Ceremony 2012-Pagan Ritual Exposed!!!- part 2


Part 2 – The New World Order Plan – A Big Crash!  Part 2

„Part 2 – The New World Order Revealed – The Big Crash is Coming!”

Listen to the Part 2 Here: Part 2

This is a Multi-Part Series that Exposes the recent 2012 Olympic Pagan Ceremony
and the New Age Plan to take over the world!

Watchmans Cry Alert! – A Big Crash is Approaching! – The recent 2012 Olympic Ceremony was a profound announcement and message that the world is headed for a crisis. This message was spoken at the opening and closing Ceremonies.

Most people did not notice it because it was hidden under the mask of symbolism and deception. 

Nevertheless, the message was spoken. This crisis will eventually erupt into an engineered financial meltdown that will be felt throughout the world.  

Folks, the NWO desires this world financial crash. They desire to see the Euro and the Dollar consumed in flames. Because out of the flames, they can have their mythical Phoenix rise from the ashes.

Result – I believe that both the Euro and the Dollar are in jeopardy! A Big Crash is coming. 

The conclusion of this information leads me to sound the alarm that his thing is upon us and the time to prepare is running out.

Please share this series with your friends and family.

God Bless,
Nathan Leal


This is Part 2 of the series. In this session we will examine some of the foundations of the New World Order plan. We will also examine how these things were revealed during the Olympic Ceremony. 


    • The Origins of the Federal Reserve

    • The Great Seal of the USA

    • Illuminati Symbolism

    • The Wedjat and the Eye of Horus on the Dollar Bill

    • The Phoenix will Rise from the Ashes

    • Pyramids of the Illuminati at Olympic Stadium

    • The Luciferian Initiation at the Ceremony

    • The Occult belief in the coming New Age of Aquarius

    • Summary – We must prepare for a future of darkness. To endure we need the armor of God.

Listen to the Part 2 Here: Part 2

Program Notes: Notes and Images


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