Olympic Ceremony 2012-Pagan Ritual Exposed!!!- part 3

„Part 3 – The Coming New Age False Messiah!”

Listen to the Part 3 Here: Part 3



Watchmans Cry Alert! – The End Times New World Order is Upon Us!

The recent Olympic Ceremonies displayed many veiled messages. One of them was the announcement of their coming false messiah. 

The New Age Religion believes that their savior is coming soon. 

In order for their false messiah to arrive, they also believe that the earth must first experience a crisis!

A crisis of epic proportions that will exceed comprehension. It will involve war, political upheaval and will upset much of the present world system.

During the ceremony, there was a underlying message that a new world leader is coming!

This segment of the series goes very deep and uncovers that the Illuminati New World Order has chosen their man.

But based on what has been revealed, this will be NO ORDINARY MAN!!! 

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God Bless,
Nathan Leal

This is Part 3 of the series. In this session we will examine the coming Illuminati false messiah. 


    • The Arrival of 007 – Who is this guy?

    • The Masonic Fraternal Order of the Third Degree.

    • What does Cain have to do with this?

    • The Illuminati End Times False Messiah.

    • The Vulcan of the Pagans.

    • Cyclops or a Cuddly Mascot?

    • The Pagan Fertility Ritual – „Mingling the seed of men!”

    • Nephilim in the End Times!


Listen to the Part 3 Here: Part 3

Program Notes: Notes and Images


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